One and a Half Snow Geese with Stained Glass
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Running 'K' Avian Taxidermy

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Welcome to the Avian Taxidermy Studio at Running 'K'. We are a full service, award winning studio dedicated to providing quality teaching mounts of songbirds, raptors, and waterfowl for museums and other educational institutions.
     Current work is being displayed in the Janet Huckabee Arkansas River Valley Nature Center.(Fort Smith, Arkansas) We are also working with the Fred Berry Conservation Education Center on Crooked Creek (Yellville, Arkansas). Musuem curators and educators are encouraged to contact us. Due to our strong position on education, wholesale rates are available. We will work with you and your budget allowance.

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We also do the traditional taxidermy of Waterfowl and Upland game birds for our customers. Emphasis here is on artistic taxidermy utilizing decorative bases, stained glass, and other materials for a one of a kind piece sure to be welcomed in the most elegant of homes.

Wood Duck
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Hooded Merganser

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Kimberley Kuenzel ( ) is an avian taxidermist. She is a member of the National Taxidermy Association as well as the Arkansas Taxidermy Association and is certified in upland game birds. (Pheasants, quail, chickens etc.)

Mockingbird and Appleblossoms, State Bird and Flower of Arkansas
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Winter Starling

Painted Buntings
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White Throated Sparrow

American Woodcock

Red Shouldered Hawks
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